The center

But what is an IT department in the second decade of the new century?
In short, we are the people you rely on to make sure your business functions with as little technical issues as possible so you can get on with doing what you do to make money.

Since 1999 We’ve provided Help Desk solutions as well as full Managed Services offerings. Today that decade and a half of experience has evolved to include being able to help ensure business continuity, helping you determine which cloud based solution makes the most sense for your organization or if an on premise plan is still the best thing. This lets your company leverage the skill set and infrastructure capability you might not otherwise have access to.

Today’s IT department isn’t just about managing networks and people, it’s about navigating through the myriad of choices using our experience to help you meet your goals.

Our experience set allows us to create everything from a traditional Windows AD environment to a fully cloud-centric network environment or even a hybrid of both. We want you to have the ability to access your data, whenever and on whatever device you need. Whether it’s a PC, an iPad, a Mac or an Android device.

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