What we mean by Help Desk & IT Support

It sounds like an almost self answering question but it isn’t. Not with the advent of multiple hosted services and vendors in and out of machines everyday. Add that machines do so, so much more than they once did and the issue becomes even more complex.
I believe Help Desk & IT support is many things that all revolve around one thing. The operator of the machine. If the machine could run itself, it would, if the person could do there job without a computer, they would. It’s that interface and the problems that result, either from bad design or uninformed choices is where Help Desk should really shine. To be not only available in a timely fashion but to be knowledgeable about how and what the person they are working with uses their machine for and ensuring they maintain an awareness of when to stop and have IT Support take over.
IT Support is different in that the work being done is generally task specific and the result of either maintenance or a Help Desk support ticket that can’t be remedied on the spot. This can cover everything from replacing a power supply in machine to calling the internet provider because the customer is having speed issues.
To sum up, Help Desk is working with people primarily and IT Support is working with machines primarily.