Not at all work related.

I don’t normally go into anything but my work for your concerns in these messages.

I did want to address something that one of my girls brought up and then I actually overheard a couple of adults ask the same question this past weekend. In short; “Why do we have two holidays that celebrate the same thing?” I asked my daughter what she meant and she said “Memorial Day and July 4th are basically the same thing right.”

I almost cried a little bit. So, to clear it up:
July 4th is the celebration of the birth of our nation.
Memorial Day is the recognition of those who have bled, suffered and sometimes died to to keep it alive.
Whether it’s the “Right war”, “police action”, “resource war”, call it what you will and I don’t care.
Call the women and men who’ve suffered doing what their country asked them to do anything but honorable…
Remember the day is about those no longer here, those who survived them and those who suffer still. Period. End of sentence. No Blue or Red issues need be applied.