This, this is GARBAGE. Awesome garbage.

This machine is a milestone, both in its level of craptitude and the fact that the machine will also run the latest version of Windows. Why do I sound so two sided on this? well it’s as clear as whiskey.

this is garbage

On one hand, there’s really no upgrading this thing. Nor is there any point. But it’s price is so low (250.00) that you could buy a new one every year, and come out ahead in repair and support costs. Infected? Had it six months? Screw it, toss it and get a new one, your data lives on hosted servers, the new one’s faster and smaller and shinier too right?

So when a desktop has reached the equivalent of a DVD player, well that’s certainly something of note. Your iPad or tablet could likely cost more than your next PC.

It’s a sign for me that my business has to continue to adapt or die on the vine. Once, it was better repair a VCR, or a TV. But now? Pshaw.

Sure, if you’re a PC gamer or something along those lines, there’ll always be a machine for you. Kinda like Beats headphones, someone will be glad to mark up something a couple of hundred percent and sell it to you.