The commercials watch back now. Part two

Okay, so we covered in our first part of this article that many folks are vaguely aware of but don’t really pay attention to commercials and product placement on websites and those that do likely aren’t aware of how that tracking now handily moves across websites and the staggering number of agencies that track what you do on may about any given site.
It’s also not limited to the Web anymore. Well, in this regard, it never really was something that started on the Web. The digital, database driven nature of the Web made it easier to trade, sell, collate and sell that data.
Frankly, and this a total paranoid fantasy, I noticed years ago that my cable box had an IP address. Well shit, if it’s got an IP address, it’s behavior can be tracked. So, I figure that my local cable provider had been collecting what I and everyone else had been watching for years now.

For what I can substantiate: I’ll reference my ISP’s privacy policy with some excerpts specific to residential Internet access. Behavioral or Interest Based Ad Options – xxx and other website owners or advertisers may use cookies or similar tools to provide customized ads based on visits to their websites. As there is no commonly accepted response for Do Not Track signals initiated by browsers, we do not respond to them.
Advertisers and Other Websites – We do not control the privacy policies of advertisers or of websites you may link to from our websites or by using our services. You should review their websites for questions about their Internet security and privacy.
So basically, we aren’t listening if you ask and we aren’t setting standards for advertisers that reach our customers. All right, I can live with that I guess. Not like I have a choice.
So what’s the point of my article? Can’t a body just get an ad blocker or plug-in on the browser?
Well sure, they don’t work as effectively as you might think and consider that many of us browse on phones or tablets where we’ve not even remembered to see if such an app is available.
No, my concern is Big Data and educating you that it’s not about cookies, beacons or toolbars that track your behavior.
It’s the other ways your privacy is being eroded, disregarded or even willingly given up by you (and me) for the convienences these offerings afford.
Hell, Facebook decides what you want to see for you. How do they do that without looking at your behavior on the site?
Until the next article. Stay sexy.