These are Clouds, not The Cloud

These fellas tend to hang out at about 30 thousand feet. See GPS fix for reference.  Cloud is just a marketing term. Nothing but. It’s really about where your resources are. And let’s ask that question another way today. Where are your resources most easily accessible?

Your data isn’t worth a damn if you can’t get to it. Or if you can get to it, but it takes your team five minutes and some luck just to connect to the connection and pray the IT gods are smiling that day.

I’ve heard and responded to the knee jerk of reaction of the marginally informed that they don’t trust Google or Microsoft with their data. “Cause of the hacks and and people what aren’t authorized having access to the information.”

Often these are the same people who have no internal security policy, don’t tell IT that someone has been terminated for a couple of days and so truthfully, they aren’t security conscious. It’s just easier to grasp the ideas we are comfortable with. I can understand that. I can’t respect it though.

My business, your business, they exist to do what? Fill a need. Whatever it is we say we do, we’re really in the customer service business. All of us. So part of our goal, a large part of our goal as owners, is always exploring how to serve our customers better.

By employing great people and giving them ability to serve that customer and not force technology in between the two.

The tech that got you here, may not be the tech that get’s you there. There, in this case, being the next decade of business.

Actual cloudsScreenshot_2014-09-24-08-25-28SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES