Amazon Echo setup, initial review and thoughts

Is it worth 200 dollars? Maybe. Is it worth 100 dollars? Definitely. The sound quality is good, the bluetooth connectivity is handy for those of us without a huge Amazon music account. Adding things to the shopping list if you are a big buyer from the big A. If not, it’s not a bad bluetooth speaker and it’s ability to look up random factoids, weather forecasts and the like is useful. It’s lack of tying in to your calendar, address book and the like does limit its utility. It’s a niche product but a niche that’s there. I do spend time with the family in the kitchen. Cooking, talking and the like. Listening to music is part of that. Getting measurement conversions and the usefulness of it is certainly worth the 99 we paid. Is it worth $199.00. Maybe. A good bluetooth speaker is about a hundred dollars. So is it really worth that extra hundred dollars. We’ll let you know. Stay tuned.