Faraday Time

As we all barrel along full tilt at the year end projects and that one-more-last-minute-thing we have to do. We aren’t really looking forward to planning for IT. To be honest, there are times when even I, Computer Whisperer, want to take everything that beeps, chirps or dings and stuff it all in a Faraday bag so I can get work done or even just hear myself think. (We sell those too.)

When you do look at 2015 I encourage you to consider how technology can let you and your people disconnect on occasion but still be able to perform. That means empowering your people with web based collaborative tools like Google Apps or Anymeeting to keep working together, wherever they need to be. It also lets them be where they need to be (life does get in the way of work sometimes) and still pull through.

But here’s where I throw the zinger. At least from the “your data, any where, any time on any device” guy. Let your people use the most powerful computer they have; their brains, for some part of the day or week. I’m more creative, more focused when I let technology help me, not distract me or demand my attention.

So if you can, look at some Faraday Time. Where there aren’t phones, tablets, PC’s, notebooks or anything with more voltage than your brain makes.