ExpressVPN Router Review

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We are reviewing the ExpressVPN Router. We’re big on privacy and security for individuals on the Internet. A VPN is part and parcel of making that happen.

The ExpressVPN Router allows folks to get instant VPN encryption on every device, even ones where that’s never been an option, like AppleTV or tablets with limited access, and it gives houseguests the gift of VPN protection instantly.

What I’m not going to do in this review is the prototypical geek teardown of the hardware components because frankly, this isn’t about the router itself, it’s what is ExpressVPN capable of. So we will leave the hardware review with a simple it works reliably and the wifi covered our 2,300 sq. ft. open floor plan office just fine.

So let’s talk about the ExpressVPN aspect, It’s easy to set up. There are two ways to get the app depending on your budget: 1. Get a new router with ExpressVPN pre-installed (easier) OR 2. Flash your old router with ExpressVPN firmware if it’s compatible in around 10 minutes (cheaper)

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The ability to switch VPN locations can be done with a few clicks. A lot easier, by the way, than DD-WRT or Tomato. Our testing showed exceptional connection stability. Split tunneling allowed us to select which devices should be protected by the VPN and which ones should remain unprotected. 

It’s worked so well that there have been a couple of occasions where somebody in the office will be on the lab WiFi network and become confused as to why Google keeps returning results for New York or London or Germany or Amsterdam. (location based search results)  Because it’s just that transparent, there’s nothing to install on the laptop, smartphones or iPads. If it’s on the wifi it’s protected.

And when we are out and about, it was really cool that we could install the ExpressVPN client on multiple devices (Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android, Linux) to use ExpressVPN anywhere without having to buy multiple subscriptions.   

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Now how well do the services that I use on a regular basis work, whether it’s my TeamViewer application or if I’m streaming something on YouTube or I’m listening to music on Google Play. Does that stuff still work? Yes, it does. Nothing ever failed to connect, nothing ever stuttered

The caveats are the same as with any VPN services. Some subscription based sites are geo specific and that might cause problems. Express VPN addressed that by allowing multiple endpoints in multiple countries or just select that device as one that doesn’t use the ExpressVPN service.

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Update!  Cloudwards weighs in with more detail and more hardware options. Their article is here.