Easy smart display for your office

Want to level up your waiting room or conference room?

A smart display can make a huge difference in your public spaces. Until now, they’ve been costly and cumbersome.

Available as a monthly subscription service. We’ll connect the hardware to your existing TV and set things up for you. Then it’s simple as pea salad, we take care of it, making changes you request as part of your monthly subscription.


Are you getting the best out of your waiting room TV?

The idea of having a smart display is awesome.  It’s even better when someone takes care of it for you. This is all done from a central location and each TV can show the same thing, or different things. So, the view you see above is pulling from Google Photos, Instagram, two Google calendars, an RSS Feed and a Weather feed.

The view can be horizontal or vertical.


What’s required? What does it cost?

You’ll need a TV or monitor with an open HDMI connection and electricity along with either wifi or hardline internet access. That’s it. There is a 99.00 dollar one time set up fee and it’s 15.00 a month after that. We work with your team to set up the board and your monthly charge includes making changes your team requests.