Office365 and G Suite

I’ll discuss some of the specific points below that can affect a decision but let’s talk about the most important part of the discussion. That, for me, is what do you need the new system to do that your current solution doesn’t?


We have done hundreds of user migrations to Office365, whether the hosted mail and shared storage or simply transition to the latest version of Office on their PC and Mac. And their smartphone and tablets too.
Office 365 requires a degree of complexity and experience to fully set it and maintain it well that might not be immediately obvious. That is something that we able to help customers with and to provide that training if needed.


Having advanced training from Google and being part of the trusted tester programs we stay on the edge of what’s happening with the growth and change, ensuring we are able to provide the best experience for our customers. G Suite and cloud based, real time data collaboration can and does transform a way to do business.
We have moved organizations to G Suite and away from G Suite when it was the best choice for them.

There are hundreds, no, thousands of articles on the web that list the pro/con aspects of all this.  I can only speak to our direct experience and the outcomes from that.

Office365 is a good choice if you have an IT department or contract with someone like us to maintain all the aspects of what Office365 is capable of doing. In short, the back-end is what I refer to as pure Microsoft. Very complex, intuitive isn’t really on the menu but they are trying hard to be sure.  I cannot recommend using a 3rd part re-seller, especially GoDaddy. The best experience is to buy directly from Microsoft or work with someone like us that will help you set up and maintain that direct relationship.  The strengths of it, New versions of Office as they come out is, for us a bit overplayed. Most users don’t like change and many people would be be happy to use the same version of Office for 10 years. So, for us, Office365 makes sense if you have a larger organization that relies on the desktop versions of Office and would like to enhance that with some cloud storage across devices.

Google’s GSuite is, for us, more about the mobility and accessibility of your data from anywhere and being able to work in real time on that data with others. The back-end is simpler, requiring less “traditional expertise” and more accessible to a layperson.  We’ve continued to watch G Suite mature and sometimes that maturation process has been painful to watch on occasion as Google figures out what corporate customers expect and need.  So if you have a lot of road warriors and collaborators, G Suite is likely the way forward for you.