Tracking and securing laptops and smartphones in the wild

You might or might not think about it consciously but a single employee often carries around 3 thousand in company tech daily. (That could be an iPhone and a laptop.) With many businesses now having over 50% or more or their tech out in the field, whether it’s a laptop, tablet or smartphone those assets are much more likely to be lost or stolen.


Very few solution allow you to secure your data after it’s gone missing. We have the ability to ensure that those devices are easy to keep track of as well as ensuring that your data is secure for just a small cost per device. If you have a customer or even someone just concerned about tracking and securing their data, I can help them. Whether it’s a hundred devices or just one device.

Additionally we are able to provide a number of unique features:

RemoteKill® file encryption

Data on a compromised asset can be quickly encrypted, protecting it from unauthorized users. RemoteKill encryption works out-of-band, meaning data can even be protected from previously authorized users such as terminated employees.


RemoteKill® drive lockout

A compromised asset can be secured by encrypting and locking the boot sector of the hard drive, preventing access to the operating system. A bypass password option allows return to normal operation if the asset is recovered.


Offline Curfew™

Administrators can set a curfew for specific assets. If an asset fails to connect to a network for a specified amount of time, it will autonomously execute preprogrammed RemoteKill actions, protecting assets even if they never connect to the internet.


FDE lockout

Administrators can instantly change the full disk encryption PIN/password on a compromised device and prevent any access to the operating system or sensitive data.


Real-time execution

The EXO5 agent uses a persistent and secure connection that allows RemoteKill command execution in real-time. When it comes to security breaches, time is of the essence.