What do we mean “Presence Management”?

Definition of terms is absolutely critical to making sure that in such a complex process as selecting a new IT department team and support agreement things that everyone is on the same page. In this post we discuss some of the basic terms that are thrown around the industry. To be clear, this is we how define these things and it’s critical that you get clarity from whomever you deal with.

For years IT has been growing. Both in the size of budgets and also what “IT” encompasses.  It’s not just, and hasn’t been for a long time, about whether or not the server is on or Adobe Acrobat is installed. 
The shape in which we interact with customers was once defined by the standards set by marketing. For small business, that often meant a static web page, the yellow pages and word of mouth. Mainly word of mouth. In fact, it’s likely always word of mouth. Our customers, and hopefully yours too, are all human. Because people are hard wired to communicate and to trust that communication more from someone they know it’s always been a dream of every advertiser to directly touch that private stream of consciousness that doesn’t have the BS filter engaged. 

The idea that this can happen by putting up a Facebook page and cracking out a tweet and the world is yours is disingenuous at best. However, there is much truth to the idea of targeted advertising. Social Media marketing and your presence there, give you the ability to spend your precious marketing money to a more targeted audience than ever before.

The other side of Presence Management is a bit more pragmatic. Going back to customers being human inevitably some of them, now matter how hard you try, will be unhappy. I know if anything the internet has done is it lets people rage at level they wouldn’t ever do in person. By monitoring the internet for your company name and products it gives you a chance to know what people are saying about you as well an opportunity to respond to indictments to your reputation you may not even be aware of. 

To sum up, not only do we consider Social Media to simply be marketing by other means we see it as a way to connect with how people feel about your when you aren’t around as well as a way to ensure that your corporate image is in-line with modern expectations.

The reason we are well suited to help you is that not only does our team do this everyday, our long term relationship with your company also helps us ensure your company voice and personality is presented to the world as well.