What do we mean “Project Management”?

Definition of terms is absolutely critical to making sure that in such a complex process as selecting a new IT department team and support agreement things that everyone is on the same page. In this post we discuss some of the basic terms that are thrown around the industry. To be clear, this is how we define these things and it’s critical that you get clarity from whomever you deal with.

This, for us, is one of the defining differences between ourselves and many competitors. It’s an excellent example of what we mean by “We are your IT Department.”
If you are moving to a new accounting platform or looking at changing your mail hosting provider we head up the team that will act as the interface between your company and the vendors involved. 

We become, in effect, your IT Department, ensuring a successful implementation and integration with your team.

Whether that’s at the beginning of the process to validate the offerings or corralling vendors to address compatibility issues we focus on ensuring a good transition that’s delivered on time and on budget.