Are you spending more money on IT each year and not seeing anything get better?

You want more than just a help desk company for hire, you want a partner who knows who you are, by name, if not simply the sound of your voice. That’s LMRoss, Inc.

Since 1999, we’ve worked to decrease our response time, increase your uptime and develop a personal relationship with each customer we’ve worked with. We’ve done this by developing two approaches, our Service Level Agreement (SLA) Managed Solutions and Virtual CIO of LMRoss Inc. for our value driven customer or our a la carte, as needed, offerings that our sister company, IT Oklahoma, now provides as quality incident level support and monitoring for the cost driven customer.

Working with us creates a value driven relationship where we learn your short term hurdles and long term goals, always keeping those issues to the front as we provide a level of service that is rarely wanted and desperately needed in today’s growing businesses.

We do what we do with both constant monitoring of key systems and performance metrics as well developing a working knowledge of your key systems, working directly with your software and hardware vendors whenever possible. Our goal is to give your team, your company a clear path to growth and profitability. Both by preventative maintenance but also bringing forward new ideas and technologies that we’ve developed ourselves or tested in our own R&D labs from other vendors.

Utilizing Lawrence or one of our other senior staff, we help you with your business continuity planning, Security awareness and planning for future growth.

I’ve seen a number of companies who practice what they call Managed Services and most of those offerings are not a great great deal more than rebranded fixed cost solutions delivered as needed. There isn’t anything wrong with that idea. Heck, we do it with IT Oklahoma. But it’s not a relationship. Not the way it is with LMRoss, where we think in “we” terms about your company,  not “they” when looking at a solution or solving a problem.

That mind set, that philosophy, is what is behind the words “We are your IT Department.”

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