Do you need someone to make sense of it all and to come to you with solutions instead of problems?

While having a managed services company can be ideal for it’s fixed cost, always on approach, it can be a bit short sighted. A good Help Desk or Network Administrator is a valuable asset. Having key technology partners handle things like email or data processing has saved you from a great deal of worry.

Now, As your company has grown, the who, what and where are a bit fuzzy and the “IT Cost” line item in the budget is just another number.  You need someone to ensure that all those components, vendors and regulations are being looked after, checked on and complied with.

We believe in ensuring that we provide not only that your IT assets are cared for with our Managed Solutions team members but by becoming familiar with what you do and how you do it we take that knowledge and look for ways to do it better. Whether by finding technology or solutions that reduce cost or lead to increased market share through a faster response to customer demand. We also help ensure that when separate departments in your company vi for different technology solutions they work together toward the common goal of increasing company growth and revenue.

Lawrence Ross becomes your CIO, helping turn data into ideas and ideas into better ways to do things.

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